4 Signs It's Time To Get Your Auto Glass Repaired

4 Signs It's Time To Get Your Auto Glass Repaired

There are certain signs you should be aware of when it comes to windshield replacement in Tampa. Prestige Auto & Truck Glass offers the best in auto glass repair. Below, learn about these signs, and contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Dirt car window

White Haze Around The Edges

Car windshields are designed to break into small pieces, rather than big pieces. This is for safety reasons, as smaller pieces of glass will cause less harm in the event of an accident than bigger ones. If you start to see white haze around the edges of your car's windshield, it's an indication of the structural integrity of your windshield being compromised.

Windshield on car cracked

Any Size Crack

If your car or truck windshield in Tampa has a visible crack, it's time for auto glass repair. First, the crack will only continue to expand as water seeps in. It can be a distraction. And, it lowers the value of your vehicle. Call Prestige Auto & Truck Glass for windshield replacement today.

Chipped car window

Internal Glass Damage

When rocks hit your car's windshield, they can cause small pits that are an indication of internal glass damage. If you get quite a few of these, they can begin to compromise your view. Instead, invest in a new windshield today.

Dirty and scratced rear car window

Blocked View of Any Kind

If you find yourself looking around cracks in your windshield or even not being able to see part of the road due to the extent of broken glass in your car's windshield, it's time to call our auto glass shop in Tampa right away for windshield replacement services.

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For speedy, exceptional auto glass repair, call Prestige Auto & Truck Glass in Tampa. We offer mobile windshield replacement services, so we can come to you. Call today!