4 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Auto Glass Repaired

4 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Auto Glass Repaired

Did you know you should call an auto glass repair shop as soon as you notice a chip or crack in your windshield? No matter how small of an imperfection it is, you need to get it fixed fast because your windshield is vital to your safety while driving. At Prestige Auto & Truck Glass in Tampa, we’re committed to our customers’ safety. That’s why, today, we’re sharing four signs it’s time to consider a windshield repair.

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You See Chips or Scratches

Even if it appears small, a chip, crack, or scratch in your auto glass can quickly get worse. As that happens, you may struggle to see through the windshield. Our experienced technicians suggest getting it repaired at first sight of an imperfection.

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You Notice Pitting

A common form of wear and tear to look for is pitting. This is when your windshield has small dents, likely caused by pebbles or rocks. It’s a problem because those dents reflect too much light, causing temporary blindness while driving. If you have too much pitting, you may need a complete auto glass replacement.

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You Have an Upcoming Inspection

Most states no longer require vehicle inspections. But if yours does, our glass repair experts say it’s a great time to schedule a windshield repair before getting your inspection done. You’re at risk of failing if you have significant flaws in your glass.

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Your Windshield Looks Hazy

Did you know that windshields are intentionally built to shatter into small pieces in an accident because it leads to fewer injuries? To achieve this, a thin piece of plastic called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is applied to the glass. If it separates, though, it creates a white haze that can impair your vision while driving. If you notice this, you need an auto glass repair right away!

When you need windshield repair services in Tampa, FL, trust the auto glass experts at Prestige Auto & Truck Glass. Contact us for more details, or schedule same day service today!