Four Prevention Tips for Auto Glass Repairs

Four Prevention Tips for Auto Glass Repairs

A car's windshield is an essential part of the vehicle, providing protection to the driver and passengers from the wind and debris while driving. Auto glass repairs can be costly and time-consuming, so taking preventative measures is necessary. Here are four tips from the experts at Prestige Auto & Truck Glass in the Tampa Bay area on how to prevent auto glass repairs.


Choose Your Parking Spot Carefully

Parking your car in an unsafe area can lead to costly damage to your windshield. When parking under a tree with low-hanging branches or in a high-traffic area, your car is exposed to debris and other objects that can chip or crack your windshield. To avoid costly repairs, it is essential to park in a safe area, such as a garage, or a spot away from trees and other obstructions, if possible.


Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Following other cars too closely can result in wind-blown gravel and rocks hitting your windshield. Accidents can happen due to any reason, and it's better to be prepared to avoid costly repairs. Always maintain a safe following distance behind other cars and avoid driving behind trucks, especially when they're carrying loose materials.


Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

When cleaning your car, it's best to avoid using harsh cleaning products. Some products use ammonia, which can react with the plastic in your windshield and cause damage. Use mild cleaning solutions or those that are specifically designed for auto glass.


Clean and Replace Windscreen Wipers Regularly

When regularly replacing your wipers, ensure that you choose the correct size that fits your car model, and always replace both of them at the same time. Replace them after every six months or as soon as they start leaving streaks.

Preventing auto glass repairs can avoid costs and save you time. Choosing a safe parking spot, maintaining a safe distance from other cars, avoiding harsh cleaning products, and regularly cleaning your wipers can keep your windshield in excellent condition. If you do happen to need repairs, look no further than Prestige Auto & Truck Glass. We are an auto glass shop serving the Tampa Bay area, and we're here to provide quick and efficient repairs to your auto glass. Contact us today for all your windshield repair needs.

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