Four Ways To Upkeep Your New Auto Glass After Replacement

Four Ways To Upkeep Your New Auto Glass After Replacement

Picture this, you’ve just left the auto glass shop with a new windshield or windows and you’re satisfied with the results! Now, what steps can you take to upkeep the glass and keep it looking great for years to come? Prestige Auto & Truck Glass has been the expert on auto glass replacement in Tampa for over 23 years! In today’s blog, we’ll give you our top four tips on keeping your windshield looking great after replacement.

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Prevent and Avoid Unnecessary Stress or Pressure on Glass

Take care to prevent any unnecessary stress or pressure on the brand-new glass. Although we do quality work at our auto glass repair shop, it’s important to be gentle with your care while the adhesive finishes sealing. It’s best to avoid slamming your car’s doors, making risky driving decisions, and taking any hard curbs.

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Do Not Wash for a Few Days

With your new windshield looking so great, it might be tempting to take your entire car through the carwash so it can be equally fresh all over. But it’s best to avoid washing your car for the first few days after your windshield replacement. High water pressure can damage the deal and cause leaking. You don’t have to worry about light rain and moisture!

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Leave on Tape for a While

At Prestige Auto & Truck Glass, we use tape to secure your windshield during the replacement process. Leaving the tape on for at least a day, or longer if you can, will give the adhesive extra time to dry and ensure a perfect seal for the glass.

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Follow Expert Advice Following Your Windshield Replacement

We know that getting a windshield replacement is not something you’ll want to go through twice, so we are happy to answer all of your questions about upkeep! Our team is made up of certified technicians that know all of the ins and outs of auto glass repair and replacement. It’s best to follow expert advice for the best possible result and to guarantee longevity for your new windshield.

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