How to Clean The Windshield

How to Clean The Windshield: And Become A Pro At It!

We wouldn’t drive our cars with a blindfold. Therefore, it’s best not to go with a dirty windshield. Your windshield keeps some nasty things like bugs, grease, and dirt out of your view but gets dirty doing so.

Eventually, you will have to clean your auto glass, whether it’s brand installed or you just got a new car. But not only that. You want to get it right, so there are fewer chances to provoke cracks and chips when you do. Knowing how to clean the windshield also aids other components to do their job, like the wipers, and you drive more safely.

We’ll show you how to clean the windshield from A to Z in this guide. Once you finish it, you will be a pro at cleaning the windshield!

Before knowing how to clean the windshield, you need to gather your supplies. We will help you select them from the range of auto glass care options.

First is the tool. Choosing one depends on the specific task you are doing:

  • A windshield cleaning tool, also known as a brush, is perfect for cars and small to medium trucks. The handle helps with hard-to-reach areas and corners. The brush part itself consists of reusable microfiber cloths that prevent any damage. You can use them for washing and drying from time to time.
  • Squeegees are another popular choice. They not only work for windshield glass but other glass surfaces. They don’t leave any streaks, and some of them are heavy-duty to remove insects from your windshield.
  • Microfiber cloths are simple but won’t damage your auto glass. Using a fabric never goes wrong, especially if you are learning how to clean the windshield. If you have a small car or want to save some money, you are good to go with one.
  • Razors are not for regular maintenance, but if you ever have to remove a sticker and such, it is the tool of choice.

A tool alone isn’t enough to do the job, and that is why windshield cleaning solutions exist. Selecting a safe one is critical for knowing how to clean the windshield correctly. Apart from different brands, you can also DIY windshield cleaners, so here are a few tips for selecting the best auto glass cleaner:

  • If you opt for store-bought auto glass cleaners, make sure they are specialized for your windshield. They will remove harsh contaminants better but prevent damaging the windows due to ammonia.
  • You can also DIY your cleaning solution for a cheaper alternative. Just make sure the formula is entirely safe for your windshield. The most popular recipe consists of distilled water, vinegar, and isopropyl alcohol.

How to Clean The Windshield

We got materials out of the way, so now we have to focus on cleaning the windshield. We’ve put the essential steps and tips and listed them below:

  1. Cleaning the windshield itself isn’t the first thing you want to do. Make sure your car is clean beforehand. The order on how to clean the windshield and the rest of the auto glass starts with the windshield, then the rearview, windows, and mirrors last.
  2. When cleaning the outside, lift the wiper blades to give you enough room to clean. Clean them at last.
  3. Use a mini razor cleaner to remove any adhesives first or a squeegee to remove bugs.
  4. Wet your cloth with your cleaning solution and apply it to one side of your glass using a uniform pattern (horizontally or vertically). Repeat on the other side. Working in sections prevents the cleaner from drying rapidly as well.
  5. Wipe the glass clean with a different cloth going in the opposite pattern you chose. You can buff any leftover stains.
  6. Repeat the previous steps for the interior of your windshield, making sure you protect your dashboard from spills.

How Not to Clean The Windshield

You can nail how to clean a windshield faster by avoiding some of the common mistakes:

  • It’s best to avoid using your cloth or windshield cleaning tool on other surfaces. Make sure to always wash the rest of your car first.
  • Spray the glass cleaner into the cloth instead of the glass to prevent streaks.
  • Clean your windshield in the shade to prevent the cleaner from drying quickly due to the sun or hot weather.
  • It would be best if you alternated clothes or tools for washing and drying. These should be separate as well as the ones you use for cleaning wiper blades.

Now You Can Clean Like A Pro!

That concludes our guide on how to clean the windshield. However, at Prestige ATG, we also have more great tips and information about windshield care and replacement. If you’d like to learn more, keep an eye for our upcoming blogs or make your consultations!