Why You Shouldn’t Drive With a Broken Windshield

Why You Shouldn’t Drive With a Broken Windshield

Nobody likes to deal with a broken windshield. Taking time out of your schedule and spending money at the auto shop isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. In fact, many drivers will put up with the damage until it is unavoidable. However, it is never a good idea to drive with a broken windshield. Learn more below schedule same-day, mobile windshield replacement services with Prestige Auto & Truck Glass today!

woman in car with cracked windshield

Limiting Your Vision

The first and most apparent impact that a cracked windshield has on your ability to drive safely is that it can negatively impact your ability to see. Whether it is a small chip or a large web of cracks, you are still compromising the safety of everyone on the road when you travel with a broken windshield. Repairing or replacing the glass should be a top priority when you notice damage.

technician replacing windshield

Compromised Structural Integrity

The entire function of your car or truck’s windshield is rooted in its structural integrity. Even the smallest chips or cracks have a negative impact on its stability. This means that it can be more likely to entirely collapse during an accident, leaving you at greater risk for injury. It can also increase the chances that the roof gives in during a rollover crash.

broken car windshield

Small Problems Grow

The tiniest crack in your windshield may be easy to ignore initially if it isn’t actively obstructing your vision. But, these small issues should be addressed quickly in order to avoid larger problems in the future. Dust and dirt can and will build up in small cracks and, over time, cause them to expand and grow until what was once a potentially easy repair becomes a much more expensive issue to address.

man wiping car windshield

You May Be Breaking the Law

One big factor to consider when you are thinking about driving around with a broken windshield is that you might be violating local laws. If your vision is compromised, you could be pulled over and ticketed, as you are a potential risk to everyone on the road. It is a lot easier — not to mention less expensive — to get the problem fixed quickly and avoid costly tickets.

Don’t take unnecessary risks when you drive with a broken windshield. If your vision is even slightly obstructed, you’re putting your safety and that of other drivers in jeopardy. Contact Prestige Auto in Tampa for mobile windshield replacement and repair service from our certified technicians now.