Windshield Glasses Types: Does It Make A Difference?

You should always have two main things to ensure your windshield safety when replacing it: the installation technique and the windshield glass. Windshield glasses have a standard classification you should know. It could save you money or preserve efficiency if you ever need a windshield replacement along the way. We discuss it below.

Which Is The Best Windshield Glass Type?

Aftermarket vs. OEM windshield glasses is a common topic for debate. Consumers want to learn which is the most effective. However, it does come as a matter of personal preference. You can choose affordability over superior quality or vice versa. Whatever you choose, we guarantee all windshield glasses will be safe since they have to be for manufacturers to sell them. If you want to make sure, check for the DOT (United States Department of Transportation) number in your windshield auto glass.

Still, there is a slight difference when it comes to quality. OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer. Car brands produce windshield glasses approved by the manufacturer’s exact specifications for a specific model. Car manufacturers restrict the OEM production, and you will most likely find them in their parts shops or professional auto glass repair shops.

The thing with aftermarket windshield glasses is that these manufacturers of glass for cars can also make them. The aftermarket windshield glasses are OEE which stands for original equipment equivalent glass. They turn out to be an equivalent of an OEM glass done by a manufacturer who also does other types of windshield glasses.

All types of windshield glasses ensure safety; however, there can still be variations in quality. For instance, the fit, the availability of having your windshield recalibrated, air or water leaks, and even optical clarity are all factors that can fluctuate from type to type.

Special Features

Windshield glasses aren’t purely for blocking the wind. They fulfill functions beyond that, and nowadays, with the different technical features integrated with windshield glasses. You get everything from collision alerts, heated windshield glass, lane departure, anti-theft, and a popular one nowadays: ADAS functions.

OEM windshield glasses are the way to go when you need to replace windshield auto glass with unique features. It makes the systems work accurately, especially when your car has ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology.

You should know what type of features your windshield has and find a reliable professional that can provide a new piece that suits the exact make and model. This way, you won’t lack a feature if you do need a replacement. For instance, at Prestige ATG, we work with all car and truck makes and models.

Now you can choose if you should opt for OEM or you are good to go with aftermarket windshield glasses. All while ensuring you are getting a safe product. If you feel like you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are professional auto glass technicians with factory training, ready to help you!